Asset Management Digitalization

Asset Management Digitalization

The Information of Water Asset (i-WA) emerges as a pivotal tool, providing a comprehensive solution for the efficient management of water assets. Developed internally from scratch by PAAB, this system empowers users to register, track, and report on water assets, while also facilitating analysis, optimization, risk management, and decision-making processes

i-WA Modules (1)
i-WA Modules

Asset View & Search
View & search on specific asset for data retrieval

Asset Register & Update
Register & update water asset

Business Intelligent Dashboard
Customization of dashboard for analytical insight

i-WA Modules (2)
i-WA Modules

GIS & e-LITS Integration
Integrating Geographical Information System ("GIS") and Land Information System (e-LITS) into i-WA

Non-Water Related Activity
Monitor non-water related activity on water asset compound

Asset Disposal & Transfer Back
Monitor and execute disposal and transfer back activity for PAAB's water asset

i-WA Sample
i-WA Dashboard


i-WA is a web-based open-source operating system and database. The system is developed by in-house team – Information Technology Department of PAAB.

Managing PAAB’s water asset information such as asset registration, operational status, asset tagging, tracking, reporting, land info, geographical location, non-water related activities, disposal & etc.

Asset information also valuable to PAAB’s internal & external (interested parties) for reference, analysis and future projection.

i-WA is a registered system under copyright by MyIPO.