Project Highlights

Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant

and Distribution System


The Federal Government had initiated the implementation of the Pahang Selangor Raw Water Transfer (PSRWT) scheme.  PAAB is trusted in the development of Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant based on the financial assistance obtained from the Federal Government. Apart being the asset owner, PAAB had set up a Special Project Division playing an active role in managing and overseeing the development, implementation and completion of the project, with the assistance and support from the appointed Consulting Engineers and Contractors awarded for the works packages under the project.

Service Reservoirs
(Raw Water Tunnel)

Scope of Works

Langat 2 WTP is to be developed in two (2) phases. Upon completion of Phase 1, it shall supply 1130 Mld of treated water.

The overall scope of works for Langat 2 WTP is summarised as follows:

  • Raw water outlet connecting chamber, downstream of the outlet portal of PSRWT transfer tunnel

  • Four (4) 3000mm diameter Raw Water Gravity Main with distance of about three (3) kilometers each from Raw Water Outlet connecting chamber to Langat 2 WTP

  • Water Treatment Plant with the capacity of 2260 MLD

  •  Treated water pipeline ranging from 700mm diameter to 2500mm diameter

  • Residuals Treatment and landfill facilities

  • Two (2) Balancing Reservoirs with the capacity of 210 MLD and 92 MLD

  • Five (5) Service Reservoirs with the capacity ranging from 22 MLD to 80 MLD