To Be A World Class Water Asset Provider

Mission Statement

Develop water asset infrastructure to be funded at competitive market rates

The Company is committed to develop the water asset infrastructure for the country. Funding the development at competitive market rates helps ensure sustainability in CAPEX implementation which in turn, would benefit the Company and the industry as a whole.

Operate the business based on the international standard procedures

The day-to-day business operation will be based on the best standard practice accepted by the international market. This will lead the Company to be a world class and ISO certified Company.

Empowering human resources to meet future industry demand

The Company continues to depend on talented personnel to carry out the day-to-day activities with efficiency & effectiveness to ensure the Company’s success in the long run.

Contributing relevant expertise in order to meet the stakeholder’s expectations

Being a key player in the water industry, the Company is committed to contribute relevant expertise in order to achieve sustainable growth for the Company.

Key Focus Area

Innovation Excellence

Enabling new ideas and solutions for sustainable growth.

Operational Excellence

Striving for optimum efficiency across all of our operating processes.

People Development

Enabling our people to achieve a culture of continuous improvement.

Stakeholder Management

Realising stakeholders’ interest via close engagement.