The PAAB Client Service Charter outlines our commitment to the standard of service to our Clients, namely the state water operators that lease water infrastructure from us. Apart from leasing the water assets, PAAB is also involved in helping some of our clients achieve financial sustainability over time.

Review of Business Plan (BP) and Cash flow Projections (CFP)
The BP and CFP shall be analyzed, evaluated and reviewed on an annual basis to ensure compliance and in accordance with the requirements of SPAN.

Review of monthly management accounts from water operators
The review of the monthly management accounts will be completed within five (5) working days from the date of receipt of all necessary information and clarification.

Disbursement of budgeted OPEX (as specified in the approved CFP) and unbudgeted OPEX:

  • Budgeted – on a monthly basis no later than the last working day of the preceding month or any other deadline as specified in the Facility Agreement
  • Unbudgeted – within 5 business days from the receipt of full supporting documents

Water operators’ surplus funds (where water revenue is managed by PAAB):
Surplus funds (i.e. remaining funds after deducting OPEX, any advances from PAAB and outstanding and/or current lease rental) will be placed with financial institutions which offer the most competitive rates for any given placement tenure.

Lease Rental rates
The rental rate will be reviewed every three (3) years throughout the Facility Agreement, with the first review taking place on the third anniversary of the commencement date. Rental rate reviews are subject to the approval of SPAN.

  • PAAB’s procurement process is guided by Ministry of Finance’s Procurement Policies as well as the GLC Red Book
  • We will ensure that services or goods required for infrastructure development are procured
    – in an efficient, transparent and effective manner
    – at the most optimal price taking into consideration the quality, quantity and duration of process
  • Where applicable, PAAB will seek the client’s input and cooperation in the procurement process
  • Procurement valuing less than RM200,000/year will be done via direct purchase/direct appointment. Depending on the value and the type of the procurement, a minimal number of quotations may be required.
  • Procurement valuing above RM200,000/year will be done via a tender process. Depending on the value of the procurement, either a restricted tender, an open tender or an international tender can be carried out.

PAAB will work closely and assist the clients in drawing up the 30-year and 3-year business plans (which will be submitted to SPAN), particularly to co-ordinate the request for new water infrastructure

Planning and design stage

  • PAAB will work closely with the respective clients in the development of new water infrastructure
  • Local water operators will be consulted in the planning and design of new water infrastructure to ensure that the specific needs and requirements for the area are met


  • We will ensure that every project is completed according to contractual requirements and specifications, within cost and delivered on time.